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I have been doing psychic readings for 20 years and have an international clientele base. My work as a Spiritual Coach, Channel, Medium,Psychic and Tarot Reader has enabled me to assist clients in making major breakthroughs in their personal and professional blocks and issues as well as forecast future developments in their lives. I communicate with loved ones on the other side as well as a person's Spirit Guides and Guardians. As a Channel, I recieve information from the beings in Spirit form and relay insights,clarity and deeper understanding to serve the clients highest good at that time.

I am clairaudient, clairvoyant and clairsentient. This means I hear,see and feel messages that will benefit a person at that time. I hear the guides speak and tell you what they say. I see pictures,scenes and images that give additional information.

In seeing into a person's soul records, I see their past life themes that have been carried over as well as programs,conditioning and beliefs that contribute to a person's obstacles in life.

I am an ordained minister with the Sanctuary of the Beloved. I have performed many weddings, handfastings as well as other ceremonies and rituals.

Over the years I have done many radio shows including Sirius Satellite Radio show, Waking Up With Carolyn Craft which featured my work as a psychic as well as a musician and recording artist and was broadcast internationally, & occasionally work at The Dancing Moon (schedule)& Global Psychics click on links for schedule & more info. 

As well as giving readings, I also act as Spiritual Coach, keeping people spiritually

in alignment with their own soul's desire for growth and healing on all levels.

As a musician, singer/songwriter and recording/performing artist, my first Cd, HeartShadows is available through CdBaby at

My second Cd, Kiss of Eden is a more contemporary folk/pop record exploring the nature of relationships and healing. The link to that Cd is

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